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Our Food

From our lobster canapés and stuffed mushrooms to boxed lunches and traditional turkey dinners, our food is fresh, delicious and skillfully prepared. Whether you want an elegant menu to impress your guests or hearty, homemade favourites to make them feel cared-for, we have options to suit every need. Click here for our full menu, or browse some options below:

Chicken wings
Crab-stuffed mushrooms
Vegetable spring rolls
Bacon-wrapped scallops
Chocolate-covered strawberries
Click here for more options on our full menu.

Boxed lunches: wraps and sandwiches, chili, salad
Lasgana with caesar salad
Stuffed chicken casserole with garden salad
Breakfast trays: muffins & tea biscuits
Fruit, veggie, sandwiches, sweet & charcuterie trays
Click here for more options on our full menu.

Traditional turkey dinner
Baked lemon & dill salmon
Roast beef or prime rib dinner
Seafood casserole
Shrimp or chicken skewers
Quarter chicken dinner
Click here for details on side dishes in our full menu.

Bone-in chicken or chicken skewers
AAA Striploin steak
Hamburgers, sausages & hot dogs
Pork ribs
Shrimp skewers
All served with your choice of our delicious sides.
Click here for details in our full menu.

Bar Setup Fee: $275
      Stocked with local beer, coolers, bar stock, wine, juices, bar mix, sodas & bottled water.
      Plastic glassware, straws & ice included.
      Beer, wine & bar stock: $5.50
      Coolers: $6.25
      Can pop: $2.75
      Bottled water: $2.25
Click here for details in our full menu.

Our Service & Experience

We look forward to serving you with our signature care and expertise. Our experienced staff will help you plan and select your menu, and our professional, uniformed team will be with you on the day of your event, delivering, setting up and ensuring everything is just as it should be. We've been catering events throughout greater Moncton since 1995, and we know how to look after every little detail.

Exclusive Caterer to Solomon Gardens

We are proud to be the trusted, exclusive caterer for events at Solomon Gardens. If you're planning an event at this beautiful location, contact us today to discuss your menu.

Contact Us!

Give us a call or send us an email to discuss your next event.

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